Thursday, 5 May 2011

Well a lot has been happening in my world lately and i have been no where near this blog for months. My marriage broke up in November and i have been spending a lot of time getting through that and being with the kids. I have done bits to the houses and must update here really....i will get on to it tomorrow!!

Friday, 15 October 2010

been busy beavering away on the little room box. am loving the way it has turned out. first i recovered some cheap furniture....the white is the original state......

had a few probs with the flooring but eventually found some gorgeous capet and since then have been able to get a few bits in the room. still a long way to go though!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

well Albany has been closed up for a while and i have started on the room box that hubby bought me. i plan to make it into a English country cottage living room at Christmas. have spent the last 3 days making the fireplace although not quite finished as need to make and lay the tiles in the hearth but here are a couple of pics of progress so far. x

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

ok here are the last few pics i have of albany. the master bedroom, nursery and front view. still work to be done on these rooms to finish them but that will happen as and when i find the right bits.


Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Ocean Drive

ok so now i have the hang of it, here is another of my houses!! this is my ocean drive which is my uber modern abode. as of yet i only have the bedroom and en suite done but this will be coming back down possibly tomorrow to start having the next bit of work done as i have just taken possession of a rather funky chair i am dying to display!

ok so thought i'd give the putting in a few pics thing!! this is my holme loadge aka albany and is my 'forever house' that i totally adore and will never part with!! i have 4 rooms decorated so far, i am taking my time and spending far too much getting the exact things i want in here. i have done the halls/stairs, dining room, kitchen, main bedroom and nursery. pics of the nursery to follow tomorrow when i get my prized possession through the post to take pride of place! so here are my rooms so far -

will post pics of main bedroom and nursery tomorrow when i take them. after the nursery has had its finishing touches this house will be being closed up for a few months while i concentrate on other projects.

um ok so this is my, as of yet, empty blog with no pics on!! exciting eh! so to start off i'll tell a little about me and then try to sort out some piccies. i am vicky, 34, live in eastbourne with my hubby and 3 kids. i have been into miniatures for about 2 1/2 years and currently have 5 properties (only one of which is complete) and a room box on the way. i have a magical mystery tower, holme lodge, magpies and ocean drive all from the dolls house emporium and a 1:48 scale house too. my latest project is going to be a christmas country cottage and should hopefully, fingers crossed be ready in time for christmas! well, i guess thats me for now until i take some pics of my houses and get them on here!